Progress on API integrations

I’ve been working a bit today on some Neon API integrations with some of our other systems. Made some good progress and cleaned up our GitHub repo for this a bit. If you’re interested you can check it out here -

The Smartwaiver integration (checking to see if a member has filled out the member agreement on SW) is pretty much done. It’s working and updates accordingly, but it could use a few tweaks and will ultimately be something we’ll want to setup as a cron job using relative dates in the script to make it fully automated (plus monitoring on the cron job so we know if it fails). Members beware – we will start sending automated emails bugging you about signing your member agreement!

The Discourse group updating script is pretty much written, but can’t be implemented until we work out some issues with a workflow in Neon. Once we have that taken care of, we’ll be able to automate moving members in and out of the hax0r group here based on whether they have an active membership in Neon.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of this or other IT stuff, speak up! This project is written in Python, but we’ve got stuff in other realms as well (PHP pros especially helpful for our Wordpress website).


Hi, I work with PHP and would like to contribute to the website. If you can point me in the right direction I could take a look at it and familiarize myself with the setup.

Hey Christopher! That would be awesome! I’ll email you at the email address you used for Discourse to get your set up with a login. We’ll start with read only access so you can take a look around, then go from there.