Printer websites down

The power went out and now the websites won’t load. I’m not too sure how to fix it. The internet is working and the machines look ok. How do I fix this??

Just a follow-up. I am experiencing the same situation this morning (July 18).

Hi @Devmani,

It seems maybe the Octoprint server app is offline?
I’m at the lab now if I can be of help. (but will leave shortly)


Octoprint servers have been rebooted, should work now.

Thanks Randall!
Server appears to be working again for Apollo and Hermes (I did not check the other printers).

Re: Hermes: It seems the First Layer Calibration (FLC) had been reset to -0.09… Not sure why this happened, but it became obvious as my part began to print, failing to stick to the plate and nozzle being visually far away from the plate.

I confirmed that Apollo FLC is working well at -1.25.
I went ahead and performed a FLC for Hermes and adjusted to -1.18. Seems like this is working ok (-1.25 was too low for Hermes).

I currently am printing my part on Apollo. I’ll try printing a part on Hermes tomorrow morning to see how well it works with the updated first layer calibration of -1.18.

thx again.

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@nosmile00 I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to your post sooner. I’m currently on vacation and didn’t see this thread until I was tagged by Christopher. Just for future reference if there are issues make sure to tag me or @pearlgreymusic in the post. I’ll also get some QR codes that can be scanned to let the stewards know there is an issue with the machines.