Presets on Tarkin library seem off

Not sure if I’m allowed to fix it or if the correct presets are saved somewhere. Currently 3 mm baltic birch is set as 20 mm/sec in the library for a cut when obviously you can go much faster than that. Not sure if someone changed that intentionally or if I’m allowed to change it but just wanted to post in case someone doesn’t test cut/check carefully and wonders why their cut times are off. Don’t know what others are affected.

Also the laser and air compressor for tarkin were left on when I got here in the morning, and the overhead light on tarkin doesn’t work and the left one is missing but this is probably known?

Please don’t try to change the settings library. Just notify me, like you did, is great, I’ll re-enter it. The way the library works, saving a single entry can have unintended consequences I’d like to avoid

In the meantime, you can enter what you like in the settings for your project, so kick it back up to whatever cuts through for you.

It’s not supposed to be left on.

The lid light should work, the plug on it may have come loose.

Yep it was changed. I put it back to 70. It’s hard to protect the settings line against accidentally overwriting a lib entry. But I do keep backups of the library file over time.

Yeah I just wanted to let you know. Didn’t affect me cuz I checked and did test cuts.

The bottom plug of the T seems to be the culprit for the lid light, i Jiggled it a bit and it fixed but was erratically disconnecting. Probably could have a bit more slack to make a better connection.

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