Power went out at the space--and so did keyfobs

Hi, folks,

We lost power at the space tonight at about 9:00PM and Austin Energy is having a rough time bringing it back up. You might want to check before you come into the space tomorrow.

One problem that happened is that as soon as we lost power, the keyfob system quit working. The scanners were still powered, but the keys weren’t recognized. Whatever database system backs the keyfobs apparently isn’t on the same battery backup as the readers and locks themselves (that should probably get fixed).

If that system doesn’t come back up, people are going to be locked out without someone with a key even if power is back. I don’t know who to ask to check on that.


Thanks. I will come lock the doors.

so is the shop still on lockdown or are we able to access it now?

The shop will be locked until about 8am

grrrr ok silly winter storm. i guess its better than what Seattle and Portland have to go through this weekend. A years worth of snow in 3 days

Power is back on. Doors are unlocked. The magnetic locks and key fob system is working. Drive carefully