Polyprinter down (NOT RESOLVED)

came in this evening and noticed (once i managed to login on octoprint) that PolyPrinter is not responding - home button and out/in didn’t move the platen. also the platen itself is sliding freely so it doesn’t seem to be engaged. i sent a print to it and in OctoPrint it acted like something was happening but nothing was actually happening. I also unplugged and plugged it back in and that didn’t make any difference. not sure what is happening but seems to be not working.

seems to be working fine since it’s currently in the middle of a print. So you should either update your title as resolved or delete it entirely as it’s now moot.

this is not resolved, i don’t know why you took the liberty to tag it so. i went back and looked, the poly printer is not printing a job. it’s exactly as i reported it to be. The Qibi has been printing something, in spite of the fact no one had reserved space on 3d printers today. Please do not claim something that is not true and please do not set my status for me. And why should I delete a post that reports an actual issue with equipment we pay for with dues and reserve with a system set up to ensure that equipment is being used so we don’t come in and find out otherwise.

Let’s keep it respectful here guys. It’s possible the issue was resolved when @dash3811 looked at it or that there was a mistake on which printer was being checked. Sometimes problems don’t reproduce when people go in to troubleshoot them (I know @dannym can attest to that one!). Let’s try to always give each other the benefit of the doubt and ask clarifying questions rather than making assumptions or demands.

First off, nothing should ever be unplugged from the pi except the power cable. Which ideally should only be unplugged from the wall. Which should be the last resort. Each printer has a power button on them, and that’s where troubleshooting should start. Especially if Octoprint is operating. If octoprint wasn’t working you wouldn’t be able to log in. By powering off a device, you reset the device itself and well as its presence on whatever it may be plugged into. So its the same as unplugging but without messing things up.

The polyprinter is currently the only printer that has a camera and the video feed was working yesterday. No one has been scheduled on them since then.

Also time in skedda is only used for time spent while physically in the shop not for actual print time, as some prints can run quite long. It wouldn’t make sense for people to have to schedule out the entire print time when we all have a limited amount of available time per week. This point was covered in the class.

Without actual video feed, which again was working yesterday when I verified we could access the printers outside of being at the shop, this an image of information that i am able to see. So my changing of the post was warranted.