Please do not adjust Tarkin's laser head mirror

I don’t know what’s up with this. The #3 mirror on the head should not need adjustment. Last night, I saw that again someone had tried to force the locked adjustment screws and damaged both of them on the #3 mirror (on the head), but doesn’t look like they got them free.

The #3 mirror is not a user adjustment. I did check and the #3 mirror is still where it’s supposed to be, there was no reason to be trying to adjust it. The cone runs some tight tolerances and it’s not likely you would get a good alignment by eyeballing it.

All I could do was add a “DO NOT ADJUST” label to it. I’m not sure what else to do, there’s no way to lock them behind a cover or anything.

Could the person who did this please contact me about their reason to try to adjust it? If there’s a problem to address, then let us know we can address it. But I ran tests and then a 90 min job and found nothing wrong.

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