Planer rollers sticky

The planer is having trouble pulling wood all the way through the machine. It’s not even at a depth where the cutters are contacting the wood and it will pull the wood a few inches then stop. When I give it a little push it will pull the wood another few inches and stop.

I can see gunky residue on the planer bed and rollers. I opened the top panel and there is no saw dust build up.

What is the best way to clean the planer rollers?

I was noticing some hesitation as well, but thought it was the warp in my board. The table could probably use a good waxing, but I think it might also be time for a deeper cleaning/ maintenance run through. I think some of the teeth are chipped.

I have used alcohol to clean the rollers in the past. If it is bad. I then move to acetone

Thanks @jamesfreeman and @JoeN. I was able to scrub it enough to get it going but it will want a more thorough cleaning and wax is probably a good idea.

It looked like someone had painter’s tape on their wood when it went through the planer :frowning: