Planer not working

hello, i’m not sure if it’s something that i did or something that was done before i came but the planer isn’t working properly, wood keeps getting stuck when trying to be fed and when it does feed through, it breaks chunks of the woodI don’t know how to fix it so i was hoping someone could take a look for me, picture attached when it gets stuck it makes kind of a small indent not at the start but half and inch from the start, i wanted to put a picture to show what i’m talking about but it won’t let me

Raise the planer up a full turn of the handle (counter clockwise). You may have a significantly raised area on the board. First part may feed, then the “lump” jams. Without a picture, it’s hard to say, but that would be a place to start. Back off a complete turn and try again. If the board doesn’t even feed, go forward 1/4 turn. Repeat.

When I say “doesn’t feed”, I mean that the planer does not grab the board and try to pull it through.

We recieved the photos on email. You are planing end grain on the boards. That should NEVER be done. It can get dangerous, with smaller pieces of end grain stuck together (cutting board). You will have to use the drum sander.

ok, thanks for the advice, I didn’t know you couldn’t plane that way. by doesn’t feed I meant it kept getting stuck and i would have to raise the planer to take the piece of wood out. every time it got stuck, (more than half the time) even with regular facing wood from the scrap bin i used it would get stuck and make a small indent

Ok it’s dangerous. That said check out Kris DeVos

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