Photography platform donation. Does anyone want this?

Hey all! I built a mobile platform for product photography and no longer need it. It is a 4x5 ft melamine base with a slot to stand up 1/4 inch plywood backgrounds.

The base has handles and wheels on the bottom so you can gently lay it flat, wheel it around to find the best lighting, and then wheel it back and lift it up to store up against a wall.

I think the 3D printer room has good enough natural light for photography. Does the space/an individual want this?

If you still have this I am interested. My little brother just set up a store and we were going to try and use my old pop up for photos this would be better.

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I do still have it! It’s still in the back of my car and I can drop it off today if that works.

That is cool I will be at the space tonight at 7 for a class on how to use the laser. If you need to leave it earlier I am sure you can put it near the projects space with my name (Bryan) on it and it should now be a problem. Thank you.

Awesome, I’ll drop it off today. I have 5 plywood backgrounds painted different colors. I can leave those as well if you want them.

That would be awesome. His store is doing ok but I think better pictures would really help. Thank you so much.

I’m going to be at the shop from 5-9 this evening. Text me at 602-628-3079 when you want to load it up. I’m just going to leave it in my car until then.

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