Pearl software license

I’m trying to use Pearl Laser machine but I see that AI, Coreldraw and Lightburn all have expired licenses. Does anyone know the software available to use the machine?

Oh no! I was just using Illustrator on there a few weeks ago.

@EricP is the Corel Draw key in 1Password for Pearl or Blue? I don’t seem to have the Illustrator info. Do you have that?

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Lightburn doesn’t work with ULS lasers properly last I heard.

There should be a valid license for Corel on there- along with an older version with no license that people often bring up by mistake and assume there’s no license, we need to delete it.


Thank you! I was able to open Coreldraw standard 2021 version

I am unable to position the x y coordinates to the left corner. After I set it to 0,0 it still keeps printing at another point closer to left side center.

I’ll forward the illustrator license. should be active. I can check in a day or two