Pearl Laser (corel draw installed)

The version of Corel on the Pearl laser was a trial version. Its trial time has expired.

So for anyone who uses COREL DRAW with lasers, ALL Lasers are down.

Blue is still down. RED is kaput.

Can the RED laser computer be moved to Pearl?
It had a working version of Corel on it.

If we get a copy of Corel and I am given admin, I will install.

Pearl is not down. The machine is fine and being used daily.

It does not have a Corel license, which has always been the case.

OK, when I joined we had two lasers that were operational with COREL DRAW.

Which laser can I use TOMORROW, that has COREL DRAW available for the user to send jobs to the laser for cutting / engraving. The original entry indicated that Pearl is effectively down for COREL DRAW users.

We have been discussing COREL DRAW on PEARL on this forum since May this year. I have been discussing off line since January after we got a computer attached to Pearl.

It is the Holiday period of the year 2021. We DO NOT have a laser that I can use.

Pearl has an EXPIRED trial version on it right now. It no longer allows printing or saving files. So for me the SYSTEM (not the laser hardware) is not functional or in other terms it is DOWN.

Point me to a Laser in the shop that will allow me to use Corel Draw to cut and engrave 1/4" BB plywood tomorrow (November 29, 2021).

I understand this a volunteer organization. I have been trying to get this system operational for two years. I assisted some users to engrave Glass using the Pearl and the Rotary in Nov/Dec 2019. After we came back operation in summer 2020, I assisted in getting the first filter attached in the other room. Then I waited for a computer to be available until January 2021. Then after learning that a computer was attached, I quietly asked if we could get Corel Draw installed on this new computer. In May I asked in this forum about Corel Draw. Somebody was needed to install it after it was ordered. I volunteered to install but I guess it never got ordered.

This is not a permanent solution but.

I hope we can help each other:

I have a license to use CorelDraw Graphics Suite x6 2014 on one more computer.
The version on Red was always x5.

Also, I need to do some lasering, but I don’t have training on the new ones (and all my files are in CorelDraw.)

I’d be happy to meet you at the space on Monday, if you could supervise my laser job, then you’d have CorelDraw to work with.

I don’t know how Pearl works yet, so this might a completely ridiculous idea.
For my stuff it sounds like the way to go is to export to PDF from Corel.


Corel draw standard 2021 full license installed on pearl computer

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