Payment problem with FreshBooks

Anyone else having problems with FreshBooks auto pay? Got a notice that payment did not go through. Haven’t changed the card or anything. Tried to enter a different card but it would save. Nothing is working on the site so I’m guessing it might be the site itself is having problems. Just wondering if anyone else is have issues?

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I had this problem too! Thanks for posting. I’ll see what i can find out.

@rgr said he would be looking into it. I believe he mentioned some Freshbooks accounts have a different payment processor than others depending on the age of the account. Maybe one of them is having issues with the new system? Hopefully Rob can get to the bottom on it quickly.

I emailed rob already about this but my invoice from freshbooks did not include a “pay now” button and it wants me to login. But I’ve never had to log in previously and I’ve never created a freshbooks account.

I’d prefer not to have to create yet another login for this.

I don’t think you should have to make a login. The way mine is working is I get an email that looks something like this for my monthly invoice:

When I click either of the above buttons, it takes me to this screen:

From here I can update the credit card information. It doesn’t ask me to login for any of that. Does yours look different from that @kye @okyeron @TroyDaniel? I’m not sure what it would look like on one that isn’t set for autopay.

Hoping @rgr will be able to share insights on this.

I do not have the right side sidebar at all on my invoice.

It won’t be in the emailed invoice – you need to go to the website from the link provided in the email.

Right. I was talking about on the freshbooks website.

Apparently my account got set to not allow online payments (how? What?).

It’s now been resolved.

Yes, thank you for bringing this whole thing up and thank you @wdnatx for helping find the root issue! I’m not sure if we can run a report to find all invoices that are improperly set this way, but we at least now know the first thing to look at when people mention having this issue.

Sorry this happened!

Thanks all for bringing this forward and investigating – We’ve finally gotten response from Freshbooks on this and hope we’ll be able to solve the issue for all users moving forward – switching payment systems is another option if this new update of Freshbooks causes more trouble than we can manage.

Got autobilled by freshbooks just now.

Was the change over to the new system supposed to happen this month?

Hey, Steven, it is! About 15 of us have migrated over, I used Neon today and it took literally 3 minutes, which was great – but we’re taking it a step at a time to make sure there are no bugs when we transition the larger membership. It’s cool! You can sign up for a class and pay via cc on Neon… so far, so good. A change is comin’.

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