Parts washer location

With the auto bay being discontinued, is the parts washer still around? I saw it on the wiki but I haven’t noticed it in passing and haven’t used it before. Just checking before I make a trip. @JoeN

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AFAIK it is still there. If it needs to leave I should have gotten an email

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I think the machine shop needs a parts washer. I’m happy to keep Joe’s until he needs it back or we get a bigger & better one (which is definitely not a priority at this point)

I don’t think we plan to disposition any major (ie wiki-listed) autobay tools at this time. That was part of the problem - we never had much in the way of automotive equipment :slight_smile:

There’s probably some bits and bobs on the shelves that’ll go away when we clean out, but we haven’t really evaluated at that level of detail yet.