Panel storage out of control

Panel storage is overflowing. New spoiler board stock is blocking media blaster. On the other side, towards the CNC, the is a large stack of unmarked 1/2 plywood. So the spoiler board stock couldn’t be placed near the CNC. In the racks, a stack of white polymer sheets. Many random sheets of various sizes, unmarked. On December 4, we are having a workday. All unmarked panels will be disposed of. If they have been here, and you simply mark them, they are still in violation of storage guidelines. 1 week. Don’t mark them, move them. Re-dating your tags and leaving your stuff doesn’t help when there is no room left.


@cfstaley I have 5 or 6 sheets of white plastic in the 1st slot on the left. I will move them. I forgot about them. Thank you for the reminder. This is fair warning for everyone else.


I’m sorry, I left the MDF there. The plan was to resurface the CNC this weekend, but time got away from me.
I do agree, it’s time to purge the sheet storage again. Can we roll the move of sheet storage into the clean up, seems like a good time to do it.

I removed my white acrylic sheets and my bankers box in the loft.

I know this is early, but I would like the aquarium setup if no one claims it.

This Saturday, December 4 is work day. If you have stuff that has been in sheet storage since this notification, it will be gone. Items with tags older than 7 days, gone. Re-dated tags is not playing fair - that will be gone. Untagged items - gone.