One more Large-format CNC class before Xmas?

Hi @dannym , A new group who just oriented are wondering if there could be another CNC class before Xmas, since the Dec 9 class is full with a waiting list. Can you respond whether you might be available to teach a second class Dec 16-17? (The only remaining Thursdays are Xmas eve and NYE.)
Tagging interested folks here: @cmadisondesigns @isabellescott @timafeich @eladarling
Thanks for all you do!

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Definitely interested!

We should also get dates for January so people can start planning there. It would be best to have at least 2 sessions in January.

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@dannym let me know when you have dates decided ASAP. You won’t need to fill out the class info form again since you’ve already done it for this class. I just need the next dates. Thank you!

Checking again @dannym, can we get some future dates for CNC? We’ve got 4+ on the waitlist and another email today from someone interested. Thanks

Just heard from Danny and he will be teaching another CNC class next week! :clap:

I’m emailing the people on the waitlist tonight to check with them first, then will open it up live to first takers tomorrow evening. If you aren’t on the current waitlist and want to know right away when it’s live, reply here so I can tag you when it’s up.

@cmadisondesigns, @timafeich, and @sheikebab – y’all are the current waitlisters. Do you want to take this class next week? Wed 12/16 (over Zoom) & Thurs 12/17 (in person) 6:30-9 PM each day, $150 total.

I definitely do!

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100% positive!

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Sweet! Thanks for confirming everyone! I’m going to go ahead and open up the event, so there is 1 spot open for the first taker. Log in to your Neon member portal or register from our Classes page on the website

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