Octoprint Walkthrough Tutorial

So for those that have taken the course on 3d Printers prior to the changes and also those that have taken it with me, I have created a walkthrough which is attached to a QR code located in 4 places in the lounge. I forgot to take photos of the locations but they should be easy enough to find.

The locations are:

  1. The right corner of the table next to the laptop used for 3D printing.
  2. The wall between the Poly Printer and Qidi
  3. The wall to the left of the iMac
  4. Lower right corner of the end of the printer case closest to the co-working door/CR-10s.

I will update with photos next time I make it to the shop.

For those who do use the walkthrough, please let me know if there are any thoughts, concerns, or ideas on how to make it easier or if there is anything about it that could be clearer or explained.