No Paper Towels?

I was in for a laser appointment on Weds and there were no paper towel rolls to be found anywhere in the building.

(OK - there was ONE roll over in the auto-bay, but that was all I could find.)

Hard to do cleaning procedures without cleaning supplies. Are more paper towels hiding somewhere or on order or ??

@EricP do you know if there are more hiding in a cabinet somewhere or on the way?

I put more out, there are always some in the wood-shop/steward cabinet. When someone grabs the last one from the cabinet they should email me.

But as everyone should know this is a volunteer run organization, the board is not coming in and checking in on the space, the board’s job is to empower the membership to be able to take care of these things through purchasing items etc. it is the role of the larger membership to make sure these things are executed to completion I.E actually putting the paper towels to there final location.

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Which specific cabinet is this?

FWIW - I would have put some out but I could not find any when I searched around. I did not know to look in this place.

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