New zero clearance sled with hold downs

Hey y’all! We have a new sled in the workshop for making zero clearance cuts. It has a couple T tracks with a hold down toggle to help secure wood.

It’s not 100% perpendicular to the blade though. If anyone is great at making sleds feel free to improve on it!

It’s also a little large for our sled cart. Maybe we could look at putting a shelf in the opening by the miter saw that also contains sleds?

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Is the rear fence (closest to operator) adjustable? That is what needs to be adjusted. Here’s a method I use for my sled. The 5 cut method. I start with a try square for initial adjustment, then go on to the 5 cut method. You can go crazy with this method, but if you get a really small number, it might be fine. It all depends on what you are building.

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It is not adujstable right now, but that would be cool to do! We could also take off the second T track and install that along the operator side fence.