New router fence

I built a new router fence on Saturday. The old fence is still there - if you’re particularly attached to it. The old fence was curved, with the fence at the bit 1/32 to 1/16 off from the ends. Maybe not a big deal for some applications, but critical for joinery. Not my best work, but without a table saw…

It can be further modified with a lid across the box, and an extra vacuum port, but it’s decent as is.

It’s also now easier to add an tall fence or sacrificial sliding fences.

In the process, I read up on the Incra Jig. That’s a great piece of gear. Accurate in 1/32 increments.

If you need the fence back from the bit, start with the jig extended. If you need the bit set into the fence, start with the jig extended about half way. True the fence to the shaft of your bit with a straight edge. Then you can move the fence forward or back with the Incra, and the fence will remain uniform with respect to the shaft. The Incra has 8 inches of travel overall, and is gaged in 1/32 increments.

The knob for the Incra only has to be snug. Don’t torque it down.


Thanks so much for doing this @cfstaley and providing some great tips! A good, flat fence is a must on a router table setup IMO.