New printer problem

Hey guys, I just bought an Ender 3 Pro and I’m having a problem. It keeps failing mid print because the object comes loose. I’ve attached pictures of the failed prints and the mag bed. What are some things I should try to troubleshoot this issue?

I’m no expert. Have you tried lowering your z a very small amount. The more you can compress the 1st layer the better adhesion you get. There are also glues for this. Just my 2 cents

From online, it sounds like my material is the cause of my problems. I’m using SPLA, which sounds like its hard to work with based on online information. Gonna try with adjusted settings.

Try hairspray or stick glue

Agreed. Hairspray or Glue stick works very well. I prefer hairspray. Just grab a cheapo bottle of aquanet from the dollar store.