New Member: CNC traninig class?

Hi woodworking CNC community,

I am a brand new member who joined this Community today (10/3/21) Paid my membership fee and did the safety orientation class with Josh today.

If my understanding is correct, I am suppose to sign up for a CNC and CAD class before i can use it, but under classes section, I don’t see a CNC class or a CAD class at all. Can anybody guide this noob thru the process to get going on the CNC? I have past experience working on smaller Shapeako XXL CNC before so i think i can learn the ropes for this bigger CNC fairly quickly if I get the right instructions :slight_smile:

Also on a separate topic, what app do i need to install to get access thru the door? I have so far made accounts for Neon, Skedda and Discord. I think i am missing at least one more account.

Thanks and sorry for all the questions.


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You’re right about the CNC process. I believe new class schedules for the CNC should be coming out soon, we’re at the end of the current rotation. Keep an eye on this forum and the class section.

I’ll be instructing the CNC router on 13th/14th but it’s not listed on Neon.

Hi Danny, I hope it is on 14th :crossed_fingers: :pray: :pray: :pray:

It’s a 2 part class so it’s both :slight_smile: Day 1 is over Zoom, Day 2 is practicum/hands on with the machine.

Is the CNC router class full? If there’s a spot open i’d like to slide in. No biggie if not

Maybe @wynd can post in this thread when he has them added in Neon that way everyone following this thread gets notified and can try to grab spots quickly. It hasn’t been posted yet so currently there are 4 spots open.

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Hey everyone! @wynd here to let everyone know that the Oct 13th (zoom part) and 14th (in person) class is up on Neon. For those unable to make it to that session, more will be up on Neon soon!


Hi Danny,
Is the CNC class suitable for a total newbie? Are there any prerequisites to taking the class? I don’t have any experience with CAD. Will I still be able to understand/learn to use the CNC machines?

Hello @RenuGiri
The CNC class is indeed targeted for any skill level, and you should be able to use the machine from there. The class does use VCarve software, which is readily available for download in a Trial edition you can start looking at at any time:

The Trial edition is fully functional up to the point where you actually want to export to create the g-code file the machine will run on. But you can explore all the CAD (drafting) and CAM (Computer Aided Machining) options within that tool.

The CNC router is not limited to VCarve either, some use the more featured, but more complicated, subscription tool Fusion 360. I know one asked about Easel. Since the machine takes LinuxCNC’s G-code, the most common standard out there, any CAD-CAM software that makes g-code should be able to do it. But, easy answer, VCarve is the quickest start, best licensing model, and good for 95% of what people actually need to do

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@RenuGiri - like @dannym says, it is for any skill level. I took the class with him a few months back, with no prior experience, and got a lot out of it.

That being said, like any topic, there is some specific terminology that might be unfamiliar to you, and might take a bit of time to pick up. But you have to start somewhere, so just dive right on in!

After I took the class, I didn’t have a specific project to work on after, and so I’m likely to take the class again once I do have a project that would need the CNC. I know of others have also taken the class a few times.

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Thank you Danny. I’ll check the trial edition and also some basics and enroll in the class.

Thank you Stephannie. Good to hear about your experience with the class. I feel a little more confident that it could be something I too can try to learn.

If you want to give yourself a leg up on the CNC class then read pages 3-10 of this:

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Thanks! Added that to the big CNC resources list

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Thank you Travis. I’ll check out the info.

@dannym : I am signed up for the CNC class on Wednesday and Thursday. The class description says that the first day is an online class and 2nd day is onsite class. I have not seen an online class invite or link yet? Would you be sending a zoom invite or something for the Wednesday online session?

Hello @thomsonv
You are registered. I send out a group email the night before, or when it’s full, so you should get the link tomorrow

Thanks :slight_smile: