New belt sander for the shop

I use the belt sander quite a bit and would like to replace the one we have with something more powerful. I’d like to buy this one for the shop:

Can I just bring this in or do I need to do something to host a tool there? I also don’t want to get rid of the old one if anyone is attached to it.

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You’ll need to sign a hosting agreement with @EricP.

If what you’re looking for is the belt part of things, there’s a 2x72 belt sander in the metal shop that is pretty powerful. I don’t think there are any belts for it at the space right now though, so if you need to borrow a belt let me know.

@EricP I ordered this belt sander and it should be here next week.

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Cool, I’ll be able to send you the hosting agreement info this evening

@EricP, can you send me a hosting agreement as well, for future plans.

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