New Bandsaw - Almost!

The new bandsaw is almost ready. It’s powered up and hooked to dust collection. Some other WSS instructors and I will be offering demonstration sessions to introduce you to the saw. If you can’t make one of these (they’ll be more of a open house kind of thing), please find a steward before you use it the first time.

This saw is a beast. It still needs another tuning, but it already cuts much better than the previous saw.

This saw has a foot brake. That also serves as the power off switch.
You will want to use the brake, or you will be waiting a long time for the blade to stop.
You may have to lean into the foot brake a bit.

The new Grizzly 24 inch band saw is for resawing only.
Do not change the blade.
No tension adjustments
No bearing adjustments
The only adjustments allowed are moving the arm up and down for wood height, and the fence for width.
Once the blade is tuned, none of the other adjustments are necessary. If you do think that it needs adjusting, please report on Discourse, or scan any red QR code and report it.

DO NOT de-tension the blade. If someone were to start the saw without tension on the blade, it can snarl the blade inside the saw, destroying the blade and making a mess of the inside of the saw.

Labels will be on the saw reminding you what you can and cannot adjust.