Network problem on Vcarve Station

Howdy yall, I’m trying to use Vcarve on the new station, and getting this error:

It looks like I should be on the wifi, but it’s incredibly slow. Any ideas what’s up?

I had a problem the other night. I used the hotspot on my phone and it connected fine. I re tried after that, and the shop wifi seemed to connect ok. Not sure if taking the wifi adapter, tiny usb in the back ports, and replugging it in helped.

I did the same, turned on a Hotspot for a second and registered the Vcarve license.

I have an external antenna wifi adapter I will bring in.

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That looks to me like the server license query Vectric uses.
No connectivity would lead to this sort of an error.
Just out of curiosity, do we participate in their
VCarve Makerspace Edition program?

We do, @TravisGood. This allows users to create their cut paths on their own machine with our makerspace code in it and just use the space’s machine to convert those paths into g-code.

Just FYI – I’ve run into this issue after we moved the computer out to the shop as well, and the phone hotspot did the trick for me. Just needs the connectivity to validate the license and then its all good.


Old location was hard wired. We are now using a tiny usb antenna and it has distance issues. I will bring a slightly better one sometime today

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Is the AP over Red the only one in the shop area?

When I moved the computer, I believe I found out that V-Carve will allow you to license up to 5 computers on 1 makerspace license. I’m not sure of the login in credentials, but I was going to attempt to license the classroom computer as well, if someone can get me that info. If the adapter Joe brings doesn’t fix the connectivity issues, I can work on getting a hard line ran to it, or possibly hard wiring a new wireless puck somewhere closer to the cnc.

My adapter didn’t work. I moved the wifi adapter to the front of the desktop so it is facing the access point. I also updated the driver just in case. I also have a new one on order. It should be here Sat.

There is a network switch near the Tormach. We could run a hard line also?

Thanks for doing that Joe. If those don’t work, or if the new adapter isn’t better, I’ll work on a more permanent solution.

It worked fine this morning.

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I replaced the old wifi dongle with a new one that will be more reliable long term.

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And no, what you see isn’t alfalfa hiding behind the Vcarve Monitor. That’s the antenna from Joe’s (air quotes) dongle as he calls it. :crazy_face: