Network drop in the clean room? (solved)

I am wanting to setup a SFF PC in the clean room. The wifi is not that great in there and I was looking to see if we could use a network drop. There is a purple RJ45 drop in there that is not connected to anything. Is there any QoS running on our network?

Not sure on this, @elrod @Jon do either of you know about this?

I know basically nothing about the premises network. If it appears dead, I’d guess it either got cut or unplugged somewhere along the line.

Maybe @kingkeyan has an idea?

If you can tone a cable, check for the other end in the rack in the electronics shop. I vaguely recall seeing another switch hanging out somewhere random… maybe near Big Red?

I don’t have any drops to the clean room, which I assume is/was the biolab, documented.
There are plenty of ports available on the switch in the rack in the electronics lab. We could try and trace down that cable you found or run a new one.

I just tested it; it works and the speed is great. Any opposition of me using it? @machiavelli is aware of this and has already give me a go head from his point of view. There is a computer, and a couple of monitors in there that are not being used. I am verifying they are not @machiavelli’s. If they are not they can probably be repurposed.

That purple ethernet cable is definitely there for you to use! We used it in the past when we had that computer running continously. You can thank Joe and Elrod for wiring that in for us! :wink:
You and I can handle the computer personally outside this thread.
Keep on hacking!!

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Seems like it’s sorted, but let me know if there’s a need to run wires through walls and make extra wall ports.
I’ve got all the tools!