Neighbor's trailer blocking our loading dock

The business next door has placed a trailer in front of our loading dock. I realize the garage door there is not used. But the parking space is definitely used and needed by ASMBLY membership. It’s also a highly coveted parking spot as it provides shade in the afternoon. Is there a tactful person who is can approach the neighbor or contact our landlord?

Those are some suspiciously clean white stripes. How long’s that trailer been there? They might’ve just moved it for painting. A tactful neighbor ping seems the right way to approach this, but I don’t have any contact info for them other than knocking on the door.

@valerie thoughts?

I agree, those stripes look brand new. Those neighbors have always been good about that trailer, and I believe it gets used on the regular. I’d bet it will be moved out if the space fairly quickly.

I don’t have contact info for them either. If it’s still there tomorrow, I can reach out. I don’t see any contact info on their website for that office location though and I’m not going to have a chance to go up to the space this week. I wonder if @lisa would feel comfortable knocking on their door tomorrow if it’s still there?

The owners name is Cliff.