Need help for electronics (Raspberry Pi) project

Howdy! Makers,

I and my kid (11 yo) are looking to build an electronic gadget for my kid’s project assignment. In nutshell, the project involves RaspberryPi and hooking up LED strips. Based on some commands, need to change the color of the lights, turn them on/off. Neither of us doesn’t have great electronics knowledge. Hence reaching out to this group to seek help.

Need a mentor who can help us finish the project. We are chasing the deadline (the 3rd week of December).


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Hey Mahesh, I like to think I’m pretty good with this stuff. I’m just a bit swamped until after Thanksgiving. I’ll try to DM you my contact info. Hopefully that’s a thing with Discourse. I haven’t tried yet.

Thank you Nathan :+1: . I saw your contact info. I will ping you over that.

Post an update with how it all turns out! I hope the project goes well, and that everyone learns a lot in the process.

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This may help as a starting point Turn on a LED

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