Need a small wood-cutting job, will compensate!

Hello! This community looks amazing. While I am not a member, someone on staff kindly suggested I post here with my inquiry.

My husband and I recently bought a tree-shaped bookcase for our son’s nursery, and just need a notch taken out of the vertical center piece, at the bottom of the back, to accommodate the baseboard on our wall. This would be two perpendicular cuts in an L shape, and I’d estimate that the piece to be removed is about 1x6x3 inches.

We could meet you at the shop and bring the piece and the exact measurements of the cut we’d like.

Is there anyone who might be able to help with this? Let us know what fee you have in mind. Thank you so much!


@jiggliemon something you might be able to knock out?

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I could do that.

@margo When is a good time to meet up?

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I would also be happy to help
Mike V

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Thank you all so much! We can be flexible around your availability and times you might be at the shop already. This weekend aside, weekends and weekday evenings usually work well. We both also have Monday, 1/16 off of work.

I believe Ashley passed along my contact info to Michael, but happy to coordinate here if preferable - I just wasn’t able to send a private message with my account being new.

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I’m going to defer to @Vmikes. But let me know if I can help otherwise @margo.

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Please txt or call me on 319 541 2241 to set up time. I am frequently at ASMBLY, including this Sunday morning.

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