Need a router template for a project

Hi all, I’m not qualified on the lasers, but would anyone help me out by adding a 4 inch ⌀ pattern to their laser burn? I can’t attach a DXF (or any other file).

I can do that on Monday if you can wait until then. Let me know the details via email.

Is there no way to attach or link a DXF file? I would expect all CAD formats should be shared on this forum.

I think the forum has various “trust levels” for users based on how long they’ve been here and their posting history. You have to have a higher level to post external links.

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Regular participation at the space and $75 a month is a lot of effort if I wanted to spam/abuse this curated message board. The restrictions don’t make sense to me, especially since I don’t see it in the guidelines.

Though, no one is asking to see the DXF on the message board.

Discourse trust levels are an inherent feature of the forum, not of membership at the space. You should have gotten a DM when you first made your account that spells them out. Not sure if ours have been modified from the defaults, but they’re detailed here:

Regardless, feel free to post a link like this if you’d like and people can take a look until you can post real links

google(.)com or something like that


Another thing I’m guessing you don’t realize is that our Discourse is open to anyone both to view (without an account) or to join (without becoming a member at Asmbly). Having our forum open to all has helped create the collaborative space we have here and the inherent features in Discourse have aided us in only once in 2 yrs having someone join and spam.

Your first response on this thread was someone offering to help you. Your next reply was to further ask about Discourse posting hence the responses received answering those inquiries. I’m not sure why you’re commenting about “no one asking to see the DXF” when you already have someone offering to help you cut it. :woman_shrugging:

Valerie, thanks for the clarification.

I had not realized it was open to everyone, and I understand the abuse that invites. Though I imagine we can still make a distinction between an anonymous internet user and a dues-paying, using-the-space member. Especially new members, who are more likely to need to post pictures and drawings.

Yes, I received an offer to help through a person who we’ve already exchanged emails, we know each other now. I was hoping to post the DXF so that there’d be broader interest, without having to email me directly, and could be added to someone’s job, without a dedicated run.

I think the main thing is having more volunteers helping with backend administration or at least providing direct instructions for their administrative requests. Haxor group is automatically trust level 1 which the article @gordoa40 linked says grants permission to upload images and attachments if enabled. Taking a quick look in the haxor group permissions and trust level 1 permissions, I don’t see a setting to click to flip that switch. If someone can find specific instructions for how we make that adjustment, I’m certainly all ears and willing to make that adjustment.