Mig Welding Class

I’m scheduling a mig welding class for 2020-10-10 @ 10am till 1pm

-Class fee is $85.
-paypal josephqtn1@gmail.com
-venmo: @Joe_Ngo

-Dress: Natural fiber long pants, natural fiber shirt, and closed toe shoes
-I will bring in a third welding hood. We will be short on jackets since we don’t have any because of covid. I suggest getting a jacket from a welding supply store, Northern tool, or Amazon. I will bring gloves for those attending.
-If you have a project and want to bring it in.


  1. Safety
  2. Basic setup of the welder
  3. How to weld beads
  4. How to tack weld
  5. Weld a butt, tee, and overlap joint
  6. Cover the use of the tools in the metal shop
  7. Cover cleanup

Signup: Here

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The one weekend I’m out of town. Next time.

Classes you want are always scheduled when you’re out of town. I think it’s a fundamental principle of the universe :slight_smile:

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Hey @JoeN!

I heard great things about your class. When will you be offering a welding class again?


The next mig welding class is the 10-24 @10am. @Ba-lakeh let me know if you have any other questions?

Hi Joe,

I didn’t see the signup sheet for this MIG welding class. Where can I sign up?


David Peterson


Here is the Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bLWUGyJ-bwnjHBqERJAL2KnKmPqzqHNdH9uN2DfSJjo/edit#gid=0

Hi Joe,

Thanks. I have signed up. See you on the 24th.

David P.

There are problems with the signup sheet.
The spreadsheet is a mix of people signing up to show interest, which is where David just added his name. Over to the right is a schedule, with a date on one line, for October 24. There are 3 names in that line. There are two names above that line, and two names below that line, on other blank dates. David is not on any of those class lines, but belives he has signed up.

This needs some sorting out.

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for pointing that out. I have added mine name to the class signup section on the lower right of the spreadsheet.

David P.

That does not deal with the overarching problem. There could be 8 people signed up now, for a 3 person class. The signup sheet is not clear. I was the third person on the Oct 24 line. You are the third person on the line below, which doesn’t have a date associated with it. There are two names on the line above, which also has no date associated.

Another issue is that first post in this thread says $85. Spreadsheet says $30. In this case, I believe the post, but the conflict is there.

Hi Charlie,
Ah, I’ll remove my name and wait for the next class. Hopefully, I can register in-time and correctly.

David P.

I had a better spreadsheet before and I was given this one. I have added 3 borderlined slots for 10/24. Sorry for the confusion. I will add another class since there seems to be some demand.

if you scroll to the right, there is a class signup list started over there. The borderlines you added are on the list for people to put their interests. So the confusion is still there.

Cell H20 is the Upcoming Classes area. Column H has the dates, and only one line has the October 24 date. There are 7 names in the overall table.

I’m going to fix it. That just adds to the confusion

I have made some changes. Sorry for the confusing template. There was an overload of options and info. I have also added another class this weekend because of the demand.


You’re a popular guy :slight_smile:

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I moved my name from the 10/24 to the 10/17 class if that’s cool. See you this weekend!

That is fine. See you tomorrow