Metal Shop Recertification Period Ending Soon

Just a reminder that, after next Thursday, March 16th, metal shop access will be restricted to those who have taken the new Metal Shop Safety Class or who have been recertified by me in the last two months.

I will be around for recertifications most of this afternoon. I will also be available before and after the mill class on Monday and Tuesday (from 6 pm - 6:30 pm and after 9:30ish).

@Maxb45678, @Chrisjmckinley: You had indicated you were interested in recertification but I haven’t heard from you. If you are still interested and can’t make those times, let me know and we’ll make arrangements.

Anyone else interested in recertification who hasn’t told me so and can’t make those times should let me know in this thread ASAP. Because I was unavailable for a while at the start of the recertification period, I may accommodate people for a little longer – but only a little longer, and only if they let me know their intentions before the deadline.

I need to be recertified but I’m pretty sure i can catch you at one of the times you listed above.

I still need the recertification

Thanks for the reminder. I can get there today before the mill class

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@mgmoore just saw this …looks like I missed you Monday and Tuesday. Will you be there tonight or a time tomorrow? I’m Im actually needing the metal shop for a project this week. Thanks!