Metal bending or threading

Do we have a way to bend 1/2 steel conduit and possibly thread it?

Is this electrical conduit? We have a bender for that. If it is electrical conduit, you are highly unlikely to be able to thread it due to wall thickness issues.

If you’re talking RMC or IMC, you can bend 1/2" with a 3/4" EMT bender. It uses a regular tapered NPT thread die, but I don’t think we have a threader at the space.

Joe’s right about EMT - that stuff isn’t intended to be threaded, and I doubt it’d work if you tried.

We definitely don’t have an npt tap. If it is not conduit. You can buy the whole stick of pipe and have Home Depot cut and thread it for you. I would avoid npt taps from Harbor Freight. They are garbage.

Yes, that’s EMT. You don’t thread it.

So what I am trying to do with it is i have two posts in between my living room and office area and I’m wanting to somehow connect my monitors to something that is going between them. Naturally i wouldn’t put all the monitors on one piece of it because i assume it would be too heavy. I just don’t think going to HD or Lowes to pay an astronomical price for pipe that isn’t being used for its expensive intended purpose is worth it at all.

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Check with Westbrook, Asero, or Metals4u for pipe prices. They are generally less expensive than the home box stores.