[Meetup this friday] Sharpening Chisels + Plane Irons, Hand Tools

I’m going to host a discussion/demo/practice session on sharpening Chisels/Irons or other hand tools at my shop (North Austin), 10 min from Asmbly.

I have a set of shitty Dewalt chisels that all need to be sharpened. As well as a hand full of planes that need touchup.

I sharpen my stuff with the Veritas honing guides and a combination of cheap diamond stones + traditional stones.

Friday Oct, 20th, @7:00pm
Ping me for the address:
Nine four nine eight seven zero six five one four


Wish I could make this!

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Swing by any time @lukeg

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I would love this and hope to be there wherever there is.


@EAK58 send me a text and I’ll add you to the group

I’m planning to be there.

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I would be all over this but I have plans.

I don’t understand how YouTubers flatten plane soles and sharpen irons in minutes. I’ve considered taking the Austin School of Furniture class on sharpening.

I’m probably going to flatten some of my chisels a little more tomorrow. I’ll be using like 600grit wet sand paper to hopefully speed it up a little. But yeah if you have a large surface, it takes a while.

My good 1" Richter chisel only needed a little bit of flattening, and it took like 40min straight. It can even use a little more work, for the perfectionist.


How long do you anticipate this being about :)?

1.5 - 2 hrs!

Did you get the text I sent?

@EAK58 I didn’t

I may have gotten your number wrong. How to proceed in a secure way.

@EAK58 you should be able to send @jiggliemon a DM on Discourse to exchange numbers directly there. Our forum is open to all and doesn’t require a login to see content which is why we don’t recommend sharing contact info in public posts like this (unless you love spiders and spam :spider: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

So awesome to offer this! Not to steal OP’s thunder at all but it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to sharpen effectively by hand. And there’s no faster method out there. I does require acquiring some muscle memory (mostly if you want to hone a secondary bevel) and practice to learn. For me it was worth it being able to get the iron back in the plane or the chisel back in the cut as quickly as possible! I use the techniques and stones in this video with fantastic results. Flattening the backs of tools is another story lol.