Many thanks for Kye's service on the ATXHS board

As we welcome a some new board members and role transitions to the coming board term, we’d be remiss not to stop and express deep gratitude for the work of one particularly exceptional board member – Kye Flannery. Kye has been an outstanding leader at ATXHS serving as Executive Director for the last 2 terms and Director of HR the term prior. Her work to bring the space to a more functional, welcoming present state is a key aspect of our current success and a reason others like myself have stepped up to lead in the community. I don’t think there’s a single member she hasn’t made an effort to connect with and help in whatever way she can. I’m excited for Kye to have this break from service to focus on the ever-growing list of cool projects and things to learn.

If you’d like to express your gratitude for something wonderful Kye has done for you, please comment below!


Kye, thank you for helping us hold it together, especially during this hellyear. Hope you get to enjoy the “retirement” and spend some time covered in sawdust!


Thanks Kye!! You really made me feel welcome as soon as I joined and made me feel important to the community even as a newbie. And you reached out and allowed me to join and become a Wood Shop Safety instructor and helped me take more responsibility in the space and in the community. Thanks for everything!

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Thank you Kye for transitioning the space and serving 3 terms. We needed your passion to make the space better. I hope to see you making things in the shop especially welding

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Thank you so much Kye, for all the hard work you have done. I have not thanked you enough for your one on one help with my struggles. I look forward to seeing you in the space sometime.

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Thank you for your wisdom in sharing with me things about myself I would not have otherwise known & holding space for me to question the validity of my feelings & clarity of judgement as one amongst many.



Great to finally meet you in person a few weeks ago at the sharpening workshop! Hope we can chat again soon. Thanks for being so helpful with onboarding the new folks and for the thousand other things that I’m sure you do but I’m too new to be aware of :slight_smile: