Machine Shop Cleanup

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to clean up the Tormach better today but I could not find a working shopvac. Also the Tormach coolant seems low and the bottle next to the machine is empty. I couldn’t find a saw that would cut my aluminum stock - the chop saw blade is shot and I can’t remember how to turn on the band saw. I would try to help remedy these problems but don’t know how to request supplies and equipment.

Thanks David,
This location is fine or you can email
Shop Vac is next to the manual mill, if its full empty it into the blue bin next to it.
Chop saw is bring your own blade.
Guy is replacing horizontal blade today.
Coolant you can just add DI water as needed,(you supply) concentrate level stays steady (I add that)

Most of the questions you had are covered in the Tormach operational manual, so be sure to reference that when using.

As with any of our classes you can always show up as a observer if you’ve taken the class and just want a refresher.

Thanks ,

I have been using the shopvac next to the manual mill but today it was missing - I couldn’t find it anywhere in the shop. In fact I couldn’t find any working vac that wasn’t connected to a dust collector except the the big one next to the CNC.
Joe showed me how to use the big vertical bandsaw long ago but I couldn’t get it to work today.
Where do you buy your DI water?