Looking for a 3d printers help

I’m looking to get a few files printed and am not trained on the 3d lab. If I supplied the filament and stl file is there some one that would print it for me at a reasonable price for the time? I need to learn the printers but can’t really do anything currently due to a table saw accident that was not at assmbly.

Depending on the file I maybe able to do it at home, can we get more details in what you need printed, size and how many?

I have an ELEGOO Mars 2 resin printer and can print stuff for you. Like Randall let me know size and quantity.

Two masks from this bundle on Etsy. Just the 2 is them.

Like wearable masks? in Resin or in Filament? If you are looking to wear them did you take measurements of your head you wish to fit it to?

Wearable yes I have not done any measurements. I’m trying to get ahold of that tool of filament I was offered. Wanted to use the prints to make molds for aluminum casts. I’m just testing the waters if there is anyone that could help. Buddy in Houston had both resin and filament machines but he’s harder to get ahold of than the whereabouts of Jimmy hoffa.