Lobby Bathroom + Nook with Keurig ☕

If you’ve been in the shop, you’ve probably noticed the upgrades to the lobby bathroom and little nook/sink area outside the bathroom. If you haven’t seen it, feast your eyes now :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

New pedestal sink, new mirror with hand-painted laser-cut leaf frame (painted CNC kookaburras coming soon! :bird:), granite countertop, tile backsplash, faucet, shelf, etc.

We had a Asmbly colored Keurig donated along with cups and pods to get things started. We are setting up a general donation page with more payment flexibility than Neon to make it quick and easy for members to contribute to the Keurig supply fund as they take from it.

We also got a new smaller sleek microwave that will fit on the shelf here during Black Friday sales. It is not hooked up yet as we’ll currently working on getting it on a separate breaker from the Keurig so that running them at the same time doesn’t trip a breaker. The old microwave will be put up for disposition after we get this microwave hooked up.

It’s looking great, but we’ve still got a few more things planned for this area –

  • Painted CNC birds on the leaf mirror frame :bird: :herb:
  • Hardwired light fixture above the mirror that is always on so you don’t walk into a dark bathroom :bulb:
  • Second low profile shelf above microwave for art display :art:
  • Water filter spigot with RO filtration system :droplet:
  • Caddy for cups, lids, napkins, and various coffee/tea items (want to help make this? :awesome: :pray: Please reach out!)

Also, more cups are arriving from Amazon Monday, in the meantime you may want to bring a to go mug if you anticipate wanting to use the Keurig (or also in the future to reduce waste :recycle: :earth_americas: )

I have a whole bunch of coffee and hot chocolate K-Cups, could I donate these? I don’t drink coffee and have no clue why I have these :sweat_smile:


@JohnWickham, yes please and thank you! :heart: :pray: If you want to leave them labeled on a table in the MPR, we’ll put them in the back stock of extras (and feel free to throw some in the little pod holder if there are empty slots).

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