List, Disposition

I saw a thread on Dispositioning items.

Is there a list of tools and equipment and it’s current conditions and status?

There are still a few items around the shop that need to be repaired of removed.
Are the Bankers boxes in the loft on any list?
There are some other items in the loft as well.

I hope the parts washer in the auto-bay, doesn’t go anywhere.
That is an essential piece of equipment for cleaning greasy parts, and it has finally been pulled out from the corner, to a position that makes it functional.

…add my name to the list of folks that would like an inventory/list of all the major equipment/tools

@LoboFPV The parts washer is not going anywhere

@LoboFPV @JoeN
Hey, Wolf.

This post is more about adulting.

Having a process/culture of reconciling what is adding value and what is not.

Speaking of which.
Is the movie theater seating in the entry way staying or going?

I totally agree there needs to be more “adulting”, fosho


That was a joke, everyone.
No one need get their knickers in a wad

Big smile

Peace, Wolf