Lead acid battery disposal

Someone put lead acid batteries in the electronics trash can. I’m not sure where they should go, but pretty sure that isn’t it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to leave them beside that trash can.

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That’s my bad. I failed to coax a single sign of life out of that UPS and chucked the whole thing in the bin in a fit of pique.

You’re correct that the batteries should not go in our regular trash. Thanks for fishing them out.

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I believe Batteries Plus will take them, maybe Lowe’s or The Homeless Despot, if you are down south COA has a household waste drop off site on Todd Rd.

Peace, Wolf

The recycling place right down the road pays cash for lead acid batteries

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Cool, good to know

Thanx, Danny

Lots of places will take lead-acid batteries.

Quite a few automotive parts places will take them. Best Buy, I believe, would take them as well.