Laser purchase advice

Can anyone suggest a laser around $5k? I need to cut 1/4" wood and acrylic. With all the problems with the lasers I can’t rely on getting my cutting done at the space. With the holidays coming up I am extremely worried whether Blue will keep working. Thanks for your input

We have Pearl ready almost immediately, in addition to Blue. It’s from the same mfg, same bed and z height and while the print interface looks dated, it basically works the same with settings-by-color and rastering. Except Pearl is 100w compared to Blue’s 60w. Plus it has rotary and air assist.
Pearl has been running great just didn’t have good exhaust where it was. It’s just getting the power and exhaust finished in the next couple of days. The air assist may take a bit longer to work out esp with the rotary.

Tarkin is soon to follow

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I would look at cnc warehouse out of Houston.