Large band saw blade aligning & dust issue

Hey y’all, first post on here so hope I do this right. Last night while teaching the wood shop safety class last night and I noticed the guard hesitate to move. Upon looking into the upper wheel area on it I saw the blade was slightly misaligned and I could not get it lined up. If someone who is knowledgeable on that could step in that would be really helpful, would be happy to lend a hand and learn how its done too. There was also a massive amount of dust built up in the lower and upper part of the machine, please be sure to clean inside of it from time to time y’all. Thanks!


It appears the top wheel bearings have failed. They’re being replaced, until then it is red tagged
Thanks for the heads-up

@jessemesa and @dannym. We have ordered new bearings the other day. Just an fyi

Awesome thanks Joe, and thanks for taking a look at it Danny.

@dannym sent a link for the new bearings. We replaced the bad bearing and tightened a few parts on the blade guard. One of the major screws was lose causing unpredictable cuts.I will also look for a dust collector for that area.