Laminar flow hood

Does the clean room have a laminar flow hood?


Yes, there is a new small laminar flow hood there with UV and multiple fan speed control. Please let me know if or how you’d like to use it.

@machiavelli that is great, I was planning on building one then realized I have nowhere to put it in my workshop/lab. I have been diving deep back into mycology after a few years. I am tired of working in my still air box. I would love to be introduced to the clean room. I have been a member for 3 year and I am trained on just about every tool/workspace in our shop. Tarmac class is very soon, lathe is next and hopefully I get allowed into the clean room.

I would like to use the cleanroom and laminar flow hood to help make working with agar cultures easier. I want to start selective breeding using agar sectoring. I also want to use specialized agar for testing my liquid culture for contaminates. Mostly blood and hektoen enteric agar. I am currently cultivating 3 species of oyster mushrooms but plan to expand to some hard to grow genus.

Let me know if that is acceptable and if so what I need to do to be granted access.
Thanks Bryan

@machiavelli @EricP any updates? Can I be trained to use the clean room?

The clean room’s pinned topic states I need to file a project plan. Where do I file my project?

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