Laguna lathe faceplate missing?

Hi all. As the topic title says, I couldn’t find any trace of the faceplate for the Laguna lathe yesterday. Has anyone seen it or knows what happened to it?

Are you talking about the chuck itself or the threaded plate that you can use wood screws to attach to your workpiece? I imagine it’s a lot easier for the latter to hide somewhere, but there are unfortunately a lot of hiding places. Please let me know if it gets found, I’ll take a look next time I head to the space in case I can find it.

Oh, I definitely mean the threaded plate – I went all over the shop looking for it last weekend. The chuck is safe and sound on the table to the left of the Laguna (or so least it was yesterday).

@Bob gd

The faceplate is here. It wouldn’t fit with the adapter for the chuck on the spindle. Hard to tell it was on there. I took it off ant the faceplate is on it now.

Fantastic – thank you!