Laguna Dust Collector NOW ONLINE!

You will notice a change in the woodshop. The Delta dust collector by the jointer and planer is GONE.
That end of the shop is now hooked up to the new Laguna dust collector. This install is still in progress. Thanks to James for leading the project, Joseph and Art for their assistance last night.

You need to turn on the dust collector, to use the Drum Sander, Jointer, Planer or Router table. The power button is on the control panel of the dust collector as shown. For now, all four gates are permanently open, and there is still way more power than previouly available.

Eventually, it will automatically turn on when powering up the tools.
If you look overhead, the ducting will run the length of the shop.
Dust collection for the tablesaw and miter saw is unchanged, for now. Those will be integrated.
Dust collection for band saws will be added, as well as a vacuum hose port by the drill press.
The jointer now has a 6" outlet, which is a big improvement.


Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this happen!

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Hear hear!

I second that emotation.

Not to rain on the party but … The saw dust does not just disappear. Is the collection cart going to be emptied via wi-fi? I know is not, so can you make a video or post instructions in how to empty the cart. I am sure you don’t want the sawdust backing up in the cyclone cone, not sure if is designed with a gate in that area if that happens to keep the dust to drop onto the floor when removing the cart. Hope that it never happens but if for some odd reason the table saw, planer, jointer, and miter saw are being used at the same time, the container is going to fill rather fast.

We have a procedure page getting posted on the dust collector in the next day or so.

Huge! Thanks for all the volunteers and hard work!!

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That is great news! Thank You to all who made his badly needed improvement to the Wood Shop!

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The Dust Collector is now hooked up to all the major tools. The small collectors have been pulled out of rotation. If your using one of the large tolls, turn on the Laguna Dust Collector. Please check the bag regularly!!! It sucks really well and the bin fills up quickly.