Kicked off sawstop

I accidentally kicked off the saw stop. I’ve red tagged it. @EricP, I heard you were here. I I’ve looked around but haven’t been able to find you.

Im not there. You can put the spare on that is in the workshop cabinet (by the bathroom), for now. If you need to combo, reach out privately and I’ll give it to you.

but you will need to purchase a replacement. They have them at woodcraft & amazon


Will do.

Thanks, Fred, for reporting promptly - there is a woodshop class at 6pm this evening, do we think it’ll be re-installed by then? Only if you feel confident that it can be done safely.

I’ve already reinstalled it. Everything is working. Should be ready for the class. I’m on my way to woodcraft to get the replacement.

Fred R. Martin, M.D.


I put the new Replacement brake to the sawstop in the cabinet. I have tested it out and it works fine. The class is here and starting on time. All is well