Key Fob & Blue Laser Class tonight

Hey Team,

I’m scheduled for the Lazer class tonight and just wanted to know who was teaching it and whether I can get my fob this time. In the woodworking course with @mrflip they were 1 fob short so I wasn’t able to get mine yet.


@mcmancuso teaches the blue laser class. I believe @EricP has briefed him on where to get activated keyfobs, but I’ll let them confirm here. Enjoy the class! (blue is one of my favorites at the space :blush:)

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Yes @Ba-lakeh he knows where to get all the keyfobs, if there was an issue let me know and I can get you one.

@EricP I wasn’t able to get my fob at the blue laser class yesterday.

@JoeN, just wanted to add Joe to this thread since I was asking about this for the welding class tomorrow morning in hope of getting my key fob tomorrow. Wanted to make sure there weren’t duplicate efforts. :slight_smile:


@JoeN for sure can take care of it I will also send you the lockbox combo that is outside as a backup if for some reason there is a problem.