Jet Drum Sander is Red tagged

The workshop group got a message that the drum sander is down. Someone will try to look at it tomorrow.

It seems like the belt feed motor may have went out. We were using it yesterday and the feed stopped working. Also the sander motor plug, on the side of the control box is a little sensitive. Not sure if the whole control box is dirty inside or needs a good inspection.

Thanks for the info. That will help with diagnostics

I looked at the sander this morning. I will work on it tomorrow morning. I think something is loose.

I looked at the motor. It is working. The gear assembly probably has a worn out bushing. We don’t have time to chase down a bushing just to have another bushing fail later down the road. We should order a whole unit. The motor and transfer case are one assembly. Part

Any update on drum sander?

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Please save the old motor if you do. These bushings are often quite replaceable, but sometimes the motor is not constructed in a way that can be disassembled too

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Is there any update on the drum sander?

I took the unit home. I’m going to take it apart tomorrow to figure what is going on with the transfer case


I opened the transfer case and tested the motor. The motor is stopping under load. I’m not sure if it the motor or the speed controller is the issue.

Did you check the motor brushes?

The brushes look good. I’m starting to watch some videos on how to diagnose it. Just don’t have lot of time to do so. I will go through and touch all of the solder joint with my iron.

I’d recommend against retouching things with a soldering iron without knowing the specific problem.

That type of motor controller is fairly simple to diagnose, but you definitely want to preserve the evidence of what’s going on while diagnosing.

Ok. I won’t do the retouching. I did tighten all of the spade push on connectors. They were all a little loose. Any chance you will have time to look at it this week?

Motor ordered @JoeN


Thank Eric

Any update on the drum sander?

We are waiting for the new motor to arrive. Once that happens. It should be back online


I don’t have tracking yet

but estimated ship time was 14days so at least another week