Issue on big red

Big red has an issue that no matter what I do its shifting my work down by 12"

I can put the part in the top right corner, but when i tell it to print it puts it half way down on the right.

I was able to work with it but i have no clue what’s causing it or how to fix it.

The guy before more wasn’t able to resolve the issue for his project.

Aww yikes that’s a Corel bug that showed up years ago. It is not a problem on the laser itself. It won’t happen when printing from Inkscape.

I’m trying to remember how we fixed it. I do know that shifting the design upwards (I think it was actually 11.5") countered the problem

@Tookys were you using illustrator or corel?

I was using corel

@Stephen-L-M Do you know the trick for working around this offset glitch?

I can usually find it if I’m beating around on Red, but I never remember where the setting is. About once per year, someone enables it. Check the Corel settings, not just the printer settings. I don’t remember where the switch is, but I do remember it being in a weird location that surprised me. And I’m pretty sure it is a Corel setting because Adobe doesn’t get this glitch.