Is there still a restriction on dogs?

I saw that a while back when covid plan was set out that dogs were not allowed at the hackerspace. Is this still the case?

Not sure if I would bring my dog but just wanted to know


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Dogs are not allowed in the space. That’s a lease thing, not a covid thing.


oh man I don’t know how that popped in my head then

Oops and thank you!

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I think the confusion came from the old rules board which stated “Dogs need to be non aggressive and know how to behave in a shop.” Not sure if the current one still has that rule on it. In the orientation power point, it’s covered up with a text box which says “no dogs are allowed at ATXHS at this time” which in a way implies that they may be allowed in the future, so I can see where the misunderstanding came from. After some digging I see that this clause in the lease started being enforced 1/31/20 after a board meeting, which makes sense.

Anyways, sad that no dogs are allowed but it totally makes sense why – the landlord says no and the shop is full of loud and dangerous things for them.


Ah that makes sense, was racking my brain thinking about where I saw that.

Yeah I agree, no way in the wood/metal shop would that be a good idea even if that was allowed

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Good point on the signage. I can see how that sounds a bit too open ended.