Is there a new way to schedule laser time? (resolved)

I can’t figure out how to schedule laser time anymore. The calendar that used to display the times that were spoken for doesn’t seem to work. Sorry about the question as I’ve been swamped at the hospital until recently so I probably missed alot of the community efforts to revamp the process.


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If you’re looking for the Google calendars, those have indeed been replaced. Skedda is an online calendaring system that’s more suited to our application.

Your Discourse group is already set up, so you can find the Skedda invite link in the group messages inbox

Go down to the oldest message “Skedda Invite Link” from Valerie, and follow the invite to activate your Skedda account. You can then book time on the lasers and other workspaces.

Don’t forget you’ll need to wear a mask while in the space, and follow the sanitation procedures posted in your work area for pre- and post-work cleanup.

Welcome back :slight_smile: